June 21, 2024

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Top Selling Items on Amazon

Amazon Prime Day: Best-Selling Items Around the World

First, for inspiration, let’s take a look at some of the top-selling products on Amazon.

The top categories for third-party sellers are:

Electronics & Computers: 33% of sellers have products listed in this category.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: 32% of sellers have products listed in this category.

Home & Kitchen: 22% of sellers have products listed in this category.

The top subcategories are:

Electronics & Computers: Cell Phones (21%); Computer Accessories (20%); Computer Systems (18%); Video Games (15%); Software (14%); PC Games (13%.); Tablet Accessories (11%).

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: Men’s Clothing (19%); Women’s Clothing (16%); Men’s Shoes (14%); Women’s Shoes (12%).

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From workout garb to sun shades to jewelry, the Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry category is definitely a famous one — however it is way to oversaturated with items, so it is indispensable you make sure you are in a position to provide some thing unique, and for a proper price. People do not flip to Amazon for highly-priced products instead, they appear for the discounts. Right now, the pinnacle objects are all under $17, and consist of a primary sleeveless tank top, blue-light blocking off glasses, and high-waisted leggings in a vary of 25 colors.

Electronics is another category on Amazon that shows spectacular profits on some of the world’s most famous electronics, inclusive of a Fire TV Stick and an Echo Dot speaker with Alexa (both for beneath $50). Again, this is a promising category if you are capable to purchase electronics in bulk.

You may be amazed with the lack of sophistication of some of the top-selling video games on Amazon — the 1/3 best-selling items, for instance, is an easy $6 deck of Monopoly Deal cards. Toys generally do nicely if they’re already popular, or if they’re provided in bulk — Play-Doh, for instance, is on the top-selling listing in a 10-pack.

Along with personal items, you will additionally favor to have a look at which categories function fantastic on Amazon. Here are three famous categories offered on Amazon and the Marketplace, in order of popularity:

Home and kitchen — 64.3 million products sold

Clothing, footwear and rings — 33.4 million products sold

Tools and domestic enchancment — 11.1 million products sold

Beauty and Personal Care

Global Beauty and Personal Care Product Market is Expected to Reach USD 756.63 Billion by 2026

Cosmetics and beauty products are in excessive demand. Especially in the pandemic era, people have greater time and will to take care of their fitness and beauty. And, the beauty industry is on the spotlight, and skincare is in a larger trend. Amazon is a dominant retailer of beauty items.

Consumers of this niche are mad about taking images and photography, so the ultimate however no longer the least vogue is associated to the famous Amazon pictures category.

The best-selling Amazon category in this category encompassing the whole lot of Wi-Fi-enabled cameras & other gadgets. The camera category right here encompasses cameras, add-ons for cameras and photographic equipment.