June 23, 2024

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The best unknown destinations for a holiday in Germany

The Best 16 Places to Visit in Germany in Summer 2021

Almost everyone who has been to Germany has seen the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, the Berlin Wall, and other famous landmarks. But apart from them, there is something else to see in the country. We will tell you where to go in Germany if you think you have already seen everything. We all know that unknown destinations are the most attractive.

Exer stones

Exer (or Exernstein) stones are a group of rocks in the Teutoburg Forest in northwestern Germany, in the form of columns and rise 30 meters above the ground. According to legend, a tribe of sun worshipers lived here many centuries ago. Inside the rocks are carved many passages, stairs, and holes, some of them lead to chapels or rooms, others – to nowhere. 

On one of the five stone pillars was carved a niche, which is an altar, in which a ray of sunshine enters through a round hole in the rock during the annual summer solstice. 

Today, this place is considered sacred by neo-pagans, where worshipers of this religious tendency often make pilgrimages. To fully enjoy this holiday it is necessary to have good accommodation. For this Check24 hotel booking agency and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Partnach Gorge

One of the most unusual natural places in Germany, the Partnach Gorges, is located near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a ski resort in Bavaria. On both banks of the winding river, cliffs have formed, which look like something like the “walls” of a corridor. The gorge is about a kilometer long, so you can walk fast, except for stops to look around and take pictures.

Leaving the gorge, you will find yourself in an open area with beautiful mountain landscapes. From here you can climb the mountains along with one of the hiking trails or you can go down by cable car.


In 2015, the Bavarian State Garden Exhibition took place in the small town of Alzenau in Lower Franconia. To this end, the city has been rebuilt from scratch, so it is still full of the brightest colors everywhere. The magnificent surroundings – the famous and picturesque wine region of Franconia – are ideal for long walks and to explore the vineyards. The nearby Spessart attracts scenic hiking trails. We also recommend cycling along the Main, which will delight both the young and the older generations.


Meersburg is a small town on the shores of Lake Baden in southern Germany. It is known for its fully preserved medieval buildings and surrounding vineyards and orchards. Here you can walk on the narrow alleys adorned with flowers and you can look at the azure lake. 

But the main attraction of Meersburg is the old castle, inside which there are 30 rooms with medieval furniture, clothes, and crockery. The castle tower offers a view not only of Meersburg itself but also of the city of Konstanz, which is located on the opposite bank.

Ruppiner Forest and Ruppiner Lake

Ruppiner Forest and Lake Ruppiner are located south of the M├╝ritz Lake District. In this nature reserve, you can relax, for example, in the Stechlinsee – the cleanest lake in Brandenburg. Delicious fresh fish at good prices and friendly staff will make your trip there perfect. By the way, at night you can admire the unusually starry sky. 

Rheinsberg, a pretty town with a castle of the same name, is located by the lake. In this region, do not deny yourself any movement. Many sightseeing tours are also ideal for families.