July 20, 2024

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The Best Financial Fixed Odds and Binary Bet and Option Strategies

Whether you are new to financial trading or are more experienced there is no doubt that financial fixed odds and binary bets / binary options offer an excellent alternative to more traditional products such as spread betting and futures.

So what is a Financial Fixed Odds trade?

Essentially this type of product allows you to take a view on the market for a fixed win amount or a fixed loss amount. This obviously removes the need for any stop losses which can cause problems in volatile markets.

So what is a Binary Bet / Binary Option?

Although a binary bet as (it’s known in the UK) and Binary Option (as it known in the USA) are from the Financial Fixed Odds family they offer extra flexibility including the option to trade per point in the same way you trade per point using spread betting or futures.

What timeframe can you trade in?

These types of products offer a variety of timeframes to trade including over 5 minutes, 60 minutes, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and even quarterly. You can simply open a trade that simply pays out if you predict correctly whether the market will rise or fall over any given period.

If you have a trading system that can accurately predict market direction at around 60% and above then making money using these products is not that difficult.

How much can I start with?

Unlike leveraged products such as spread betting and futures, financial fixed odds offer very low starting accounts with very low risk. In fact you can risk as little as a few dollars or pounds to start with and only increase your risk if you are successful. This gives you a great chance to gain experience of trading without any large upfront account requirements.

Also because any loss is known by you from the outset you will not get a call from your broker asking for more funds as you may with spread betting and futures trading.

Where do I go for more info for Strategies and Systems for Financial Fixed Odds and Binary Bets / Binary Options?

The main provider of financial fixed odds are Beton markets and for Binary Bets we would suggest taking a look at IG Index. For trading signals and systems then visit elmtrader who offer a variety of systems for different markets and timeframes.