June 23, 2024

Drevo Poznaniya

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Should you buy a demo car?

Can Buying a Demo Car Save You Money? on Edmunds.com

Need a new car but unwilling to part with literally all of your savings? 

Yeah, we get you. 

After all, what are you really getting in a new car besides having everything brand spanking new? A few more kilometres on the odometer, maybe some optional extras you kind of wanted.

It’s a close call. These days you can get second-hand cars for great prices and have them steam cleaned to smell like new.

But you’re probably better off investing the extra cash in Dogecoin than forking out for a new model. 

That’s unless you buy a demo car. 

What is a demo car?

Demo cars are the registered vehicles dealerships use to show eager customers what it’s really like behind the wheel. They’ll take it out for a test drive, run it up and down a few times, and decide whether they like it or not. 

But demo cars are also used by dealerships so staff can get an idea of what it’s like to drive the car – after all, if anyone needs to know what it’s like to drive the car, it’s these guys. 

But that’s not all. Demo cars are also usually very low on kilometers (typically under 5000km) because dealerships want to give potential customers a realistic impression of what it’s like behind the wheel of a new and fresh model. But this 5000km mark is also a big incentive for dealers to palm it off before it becomes “spoiled goods.”

As a result, only a limited number of people have been at the wheel, so yeah, there’s definitely no mouldy banana peel lying underneath the passenger seat.

Why do demo cars Perth sell for less?

Car manufacturers or importers will often require, and even incentivise, dealerships to run a certain amount of demo cars for customers to try. The number of vehicles and incentives for this depends on the arrangement with the manufacturer, however, this means that dealers are in fact quite eager to sell off demo models at a very good price compared to brand spanking new models. But generally, dealerships and manufacturers will want to sell you anything, and when it comes to EOFY, ramping up sales to reach targets is all the talk at these car yards. Thus, snaffling a demo car is sort of doing everyone a favour. Especially you. 

Things you should know before buying a demo car

Buying a demo car is a popular decision amongst many car buyers. Here are some things to consider before heading down to the dealership.

  1. Demo cars are cheaper than new ones. It’s sort of obvious, but how much cheaper are we talking here? A demo model – if bought at the right time and with a bit of luck – could end up being a couple of thousand dollars cheaper than a brand new car. But this is all down to what kind of car it is, how often it’s been used, and, yes, the timing. 
  1. Demo cars are (usually) safer than used cars. Used cars can sometimes be faulty. Demo cars, although not completely exempt from certain faults, are a safer bet simply because they are newer and haven’t been driven as much. It’s also good to be careful, as some demo cars are driven by many people who don’t know how to drive that particular car – and are prone to making mistakes on their first try. 
  1. Demo cars have low mileage. When you’re buying a used car, mileage is everything. It dictates price and ultimately plays a big role in deciding whether you end up buying the thing or not. Demo models are usually super low on mileage, making them ideal for anyone who wants a new car at a discount price. 
  1. Demo cars avoid steep depreciation. Every new car depreciates in value the moment you sit in the front seat for the first time and drive it out of the dealership. Buying a demo model means you steer clear of the worst of depreciation – having already saved potentially thousands on your purchase. 

Just because its a demo car doesn’t mean it’s perfect

It’s true. Some demo cars have issues just like any other used car might. It’s good to check that everything is working normally before you sign on the dotted line. It’s good to check:

  • The car’s history 
  • That the engine starts smoothly 
  • Battery life
  • Braking/acceleration works normally
  • Internal electrics and display functions normally 

Do your research 

Knowledge is power. And when it comes down to haggling, you’ll want to go in with all the information about the type of car, model, and extras that are on offer. Doing a good deal of research is therefore very important before making any big decisions. Things to get your head around are:

  • Recommended retail price – research various online platforms and compare prices of similar models. 
  • Is the price difference really worth it? Sometimes when the price is not that much cheaper – going for a brand new model is actually a better bet. 
  • Always choose a reputable dealer – that way you can trust they won’t be stitching you up with a dodgy deal. 
  • Look into warranties and insurance – you’ll want to take all costs into consideration before settling on any car.

How to get started

Keen to start exploring the world of demo cars in Perth but not sure where to get started? 

These days it’s as simple as booking a test drive and taking it from there. Make sure to get an idea of what demo models they’ve got on offer, and you might get lucky. 

Want to test drive demo cars Perth? Reach out to a trusted dealership and book a test drive today.