July 18, 2024

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Mistakes to Be Avoided in a CV

Whatever job you want get is: (accountant, teacher, CEO, municipal employee, etc., you always have to write an affective curriculum vitae. But be sure to design it properly and precisely to avoid it a tragic and anonymous end at the bottom of a simple office basket. Before sending your CV, make sure you have not committed one, some or all of these following mistakes which might make your application inadmissible.

Neglecting the Appearance of your CV

Thinking that the CV content is the most important part is always a bad idea because your very first goal while applying for a job is to catch the recruiter’s attention. Appearance matters so do not try to save money by printing your CV on low-end paper purchased on sale. Be careful with the chosen typos, avoid syntax errors and coffee stains. Use the automatic correction function of your word processor and ask a friend to proofread your resume in order to correct any mistakes you might have missed. Prefer using a CV creator to impress the reader at first sight. For this purpose, you can go on cv-creator.co.uk.

Building a too Long CV

Since most employers are looking for experienced candidates, some job seekers tend to make a resume of more than two pages. That is a big mistake! In case you do not know it yet, recruiters only spend 5 or 6 seconds on each curriculum vitae they receive. If the professional experience section spans two pages, present your document so that it fully reflects all of your experiences and achievements. You can slightly reduce the character body, but be careful not to make your resume illegible. Another effective tip is to remove experiences which have nothing to do with the position sought.

Not Paying Attention to the CV Structure

If you are looking for a job in a sector where you have never worked before, do not present your CV in chronological form. Instead, choose to highlight your greatest skills. This will allow you to present your various experiences and the way they help you get and develop specific capacities on the same level. Even if a two-page CV is still admissible, it is useless to mention all of your old jobs. Recruitment managers will pay particular attention to your last ten years. Therefore, focus on your most recent jobs and the most essential information, especially if it is related to the position you are applying for.