May 29, 2023

Drevo Poznaniya

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Free Pdf Digital Marketing Business Plan Sample

Digital Marketing + Creativity

Free Pdf Digital Marketing Business Plan Sample

This article is focused on the various creative roles in digital marketing.
Brand planning is about coming up with the marketing idea (or ideas) behind an online campaign and about coming up with brand values in general. Brand planning involves research and strategy, but is heavily dependent on creative-thinking.
Communications planning is very similar to brand planning (in some cases they might be synonymous, even, of each other). Communications planning is focused more on figuring out which communications channels to use, as well as who uses them, why and how.
Copywriting can cover a broad range of tasks. From writing copy for online ads, general website content, articles and blog posts. Often the copywriter is involved in coming up with creative concepts in general. From a conceptual point-of-view this could be done in conjunction with a web designer (/ art director).
Web design can be very technical (sometimes it is combined with web development) as well as very creative (coming up with the general look of the site, for example). Web design could cover anything from developing apps, designing interactive websites, creating banners ads, and so on.
Social media is very much about using technical and human skills. But creativity is, also, important. For example, creativity or creative-thinking is needed to figure out which different types of social media approaches are required and how to mesh them together.
Digital marketing is complex. It’s often much harder to split up the different roles in digital marketing compared to the different roles in a more traditional marketing environment. As a result a more creative and holistic approach is required by digital marketing people in general.