May 17, 2024

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Email Hosting vs Web Hosting: What Is The Difference

Web Hosting vs. Mail Hosting: A Complete Guide [2023]

When researching the best Email Hosting services for your websites, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental difference between Email Hosting and Web Hosting. Many individuals mistakenly assume these two options are the same but distinct in their purposes and functionalities.

It is important to note that larger enterprises often prefer hosting emails on their own email servers instead of relying on external Email Hosting services.

On the other hand, Web Hosting concentrates on hosting website files and making them accessible online. It empowers businesses to establish a digital presence and effectively reach their target audience.

In this article, we will provide a detailed analysis of Domain and Email Hosting services, ensuring clarity for our readers.

What is Email Hosting?

NZ Email Hosting is a service that rents and manages email servers for businesses that want their own domain name for professional communication. Email Hosting is a dedicated server responsible for managing email communication, including sending and receiving data. It enables businesses to establish domain names and create email addresses associated with those domains.

What is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting service is a hosting service that allows clients to create, maintain, and make their websites accessible on the  Internet. The primary objectives of Web Hosting include enhancing brand visibility, providing information about companies, and facilitating connections between businesses and their customers.

Key Differences Between Email Hosting and Web Hosting

ParametersEmail  HostingWeb Hosting
ObjectiveIt allows businesses to create domain names and associated email addresses.It creates an online presence for businesses to reach their audience through websites.
Working PrincipleEmail Hosting facilitates communication processes by handling email traffic between companies and subscribers.It can handle multiple requests simultaneously, allowing users to access websites concurrently.
FunctionalityIt focuses on email services and supports protocols like POP3, IMAP, and SMTP for sending and receiving messages.Provides a more comprehensive solution for hosting websites.
Domain Name SupportRequires custom MX records for independent functioning from a Web Hosting plan and configuration of DNS settings to connect the domain to a mail server.A Web Hosting plan supports one or multiple domain names with both a web server and an email server. 
Web Server ConfigurationIt offers options such as desktop clients, webmail interfaces, or third-party tools for email management within workflows.It typically offers a control panel for developers to install scripts, manage databases, and customize website settings.
Server FunctionalityIt provides server infrastructure for storing, sending, and receiving emails.It provides server space for storing website content and making it accessible online.
Storage OptionsAllows email storage on a Web Hosting plan, which can be utilized solely for email purposes if desired.It provides storage space for website files, including HTML, CSS, images, and other media.
BenefitsEmail Hosting is specifically designed for managing and handling email data.Web Hosting is primarily intended for hosting and serving website files.


Choosing the best business Email Hosting based on your specific needs and requirements is essential. If you prioritize professional-looking email accounts with domain names, Email Hosting NZ is the way to go. 

However, if you require a complete online experience with website hosting, domain management, and other web-related features, Web Hosting is the more suitable choice.