X’ers, Expectations, Experience, Ethics, and Work Habits Considered

Recently I was conversing with somebody at Starbucks, and his significant other was working in HR for an extremely enormous organization in the avionics business. He disclosed to me that perhaps the most serious issue was keeping the X’er age joyfully utilized, as they frequently were working for the organization, however sending their resumes out to other innovation organizations. It gives the idea that they need to chip away at what is cool, as opposed to what is required in the avionic business. We should discuss this for second will we? Read more about aerospace operations.

Obviously if you’re building an airliner, corporate jet, military aircraft maintence, or something of that nature there are all kinds of things to design. Things such as brake parts, landing gear struts, electronic cable holders which do not chafe the insulation on the wiring, and even the toilets inside. If you are new to aerospace, and working for a company that makes high-tech aircraft operations, then obviously you will be working on some of that other stuff as well, and you have to start somewhere. These new X’er kids don’t want to do that, they want to move straight to the top and work on the coolest latest gadgets, which they “perceive” to be bleeding edge tech.

I’m not sure about you, but there’s a problem in this, in that these X’ers do not wish to put in what it takes to get the experience, but rather want to go to the executive level, or work on the latest advanced technologies without going through their apprenticeship period, or putting in their dues. Now then, some might say that of course everyone wants to advance as quickly as possible, that’s nothing new, and I grant you that, however it is a little bit arrogant, childish, and problematic that these kids are unwilling to do the important work that must be done, even if it isn’t glamorous.

Let me give you an example in my own life, because I was in the mobile car washing business, which we eventually franchised. Often we got very large municipal accounts cleaning garbage trucks and city buses. We even washed US Post Office vehicles, and vehicles for Caltrans out in California. No, it wasn’t glamorous, but it certainly paid the bills, and someone had to wash all that stuff. It seems that many of our employees wanted to work on our auto detail crews instead, and go out and detail Mercedes, Porsches, Ferraris, and Rolls-Royces.

Maybe, nothing new has changed, and this is a common desire of humans, but it also shows a lack of understanding of our society and civilization, and it is the exact opposite of the politically correct motif of “doing something larger than self.” It is interesting that all of these kids grew up going to college and bought into the socialist line of their academic professors, and yet when they get out in the real world they are just the same, actually they are worse, as per their own so-called belief system. It was interesting when I was talking to this gentleman, that I knew exactly the problem he was trying to describe.

Is it too much to suggest that maybe the X’er generation needs to grow up, get a life, and get some understanding into how the real world works before demanding everything without the hard work ethic and the proper work habits it takes to get the experience needed to go to the next step. It seems their expectations are out of whack with reality and our economic situation presently. Please consider all this and think on it.

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