July 20, 2024

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Top 10 Easy Business Ideas In India With Low Investment

This decade was more about new businesses. Numerous new companies, for example, Flipkart, Makemytrip, Ola, OYO began and became wildly successful in the Indian business sectors. The whole media was loaded with these huge names. However, this does not mean that small or medium-sized businesses did not develop. Whereas, there is an ocean of scope for new companies to grow in 2020. 

Let us discuss Easy Business Ideas in India with Low Investment.

The list of best business ideas in India with low investment:- 

1. Affiliate Marketing 

2. Content Marketing 

3. Blogging 

4. Professional Photography 

5. Coaching Classes 

6. Recruitment Services 

7. Translation Services 

8. Franchise Business 

9. Wedding Planner 

10. Event Management 

The most recent decade demonstrated a significant change in the shopping abilities for the Indian client. Shopping abilities, as well as the way of life of the Indian working class, has additionally changed. This gave a lot of chances for business people to attempt their luck. Web and quick information accessibility has given a massive push to little scope online organizations. The administration of India has likewise assumed a first job in providing an appropriate domain to new organizations to come up. Let us examine the best and self-supporting business ideas in 2020 in India.

Affiliate Marketing 

This is a solely online business idea that can do wonders if executed accurately. You need to have a massive group of followers on any social media platforms such as FB, Instagram, Youtube, Website to earn through affiliate marketing. Large business companies such as Amazon, Flipkart require people to advertise their products. Affiliate programs help them build an army of Affiliate Marketers. These associates get a commission on every sale made by them. People earn in millions by affiliate marketing. After online businesses such as Amazon are expanding every year, this is a go-to business idea in 2020. 

Content Marketing 


It is again a perfect way of earning online. Big giants such as Infosys, TCS to middle-level media companies to websites to bloggers every one requires content. In the coming time, content creation and distribution will be notable. If you have a team of people who can write articles, create/edit videos, record podcasts or take and edit pictures, then you can gamble prominent profits in the upcoming time. The investment is minimum, and earning is maximum. 


Blogging is an online business idea in India. If you have a skill, experience or success that you can share with others, then Blogging is an excellent way for your journey. There are so many stages that can help you in Blogging. For example, you can create videos on an appropriate topic then youtube is the best platform for you. Or if you are good at taking pictures, then Instagram is the ideal platform. The platform moves with the way of illustration of skills. 

Below is a small list:- 

  • Facebook for writers
  • Video makers for Youtube 
  • Photographers for Instagram 
  • Pinterest for those who can edit and create pictures or slides or presentations online. 
  • Podcasts are for those who are a perfectionist at articulating verbally.

You can earn from Blogging. 

Notable investment in this business is a laptop or a desktop and internet connection. Blogger’s earnings go in millions sometimes.

Coaching Classes 

Passed are the days when teaching was supposed divine and was not priced. Now education is among the most profitable markets. The preparation of every exam requires little supervision. The investment is minimum in this business. You can choose to teach online, which will cost you nothing and the complete fees will be the profit of the revenue. There are companies such as SimpliLearn that gives you the platform to educate students online. The most beneficial part is that you get paid for it. 

Recruitment Services 

In the past decade, businesses hired more employees than ever before. In the following decade, the trend will develop. The significant difficulty that companies face is the accurate mapping of resources to demand. Recruitment people can resolve this problem. With the rise in hiring, the demand for recruitment services is assumed to go raised. If you have contacts and you can get the opportunities needed in the companies, then sourcing the resume from online platforms that include LinkedIn, Naukri, monster, Indeed is easy. Once sourced with the candidates, you can get the interview for the candidate scheduled. Once the candidate is chosen, then you can claim your commission from the company. The investment is the least, and all you need is good connections and an internet connection. The annually paid account of Linkedin or Naukri is another investment, but all this can immediately be recovered from the commission received. If you are already in this business, then you must understand that this is one of the best future business ideas in India. 

Professional Photography 

Professional Photography has developed the buying capacity of Indian buyers with an increased manifold. All you need to do is buy costly equipment required in fields such as professional photography. But this is frequently a one-time investment that can help you earn for the rest of your life. You can keep your sub-niche in photography and commence your business. One of the most profitable corners is wedding photography. In India, weddings are expensive occasions. Hence wedding photography at a standard level can get you a lot of profits. Social Media has given an entirely new dimension to festivals and parties.

Besides sharing the pictures of the parties and events online has become a trend. People have begun demanding professional photographers for each event. So birthday celebrations, pre-wedding shoots, engagement ceremonies are great opportunities for professional photographers to earn.

Translation Services 

Suppose you have a team of people who are qualified in different languages, then this is the business for you. This is the most practical business idea for a group of students or a group of homemakers. If you can give some time learning different languages, then you can take the translation plan online and work as a freelancer. The amount spent in this business line is quite right—the investment in this business in terms of time. Once you have studied a language, you can commence offering for projects online. 

Franchise Business 

This is one of the most reliable business ideas in India in which you do not need to worry about branding. The prominent names such as Mc Donalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc. attract crowd just due to their international brand value. This sort of investment assures profit without any trouble of operational activities (since in most cases the functional operation is managed by the parent company). This profession is for those who are looking to invest some money in practical business. Many prosperous brands provide their franchise after taking some value as a security deposit. The deposit might differ from brand to brand. Parent companies also set forward specific provisions of eligibility such as a piece of land, and a minimum built area so on and so ahead. However, the primary investment in this business is a little high; despite, you will get it compensated later. Without any trouble for the operational activities, you will make your money.

Wedding Planner 

We all know how fat Indian weddings are. The Indian wedding season provides a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to support taking care of operational activities and other related methods. Planners do a lot immediately from helping the bride and groom to choose their dresses to organize the entire event. People who are productive and have a liking for colors, celebrations, parties with soft speaking, and supervision skills can immediately get this business commenced. The investment is minimal, compared to the earnings. You can solely survive online and do not need concrete offices. You would require a team of 5 – 10 people who can get the assigned work finished on time. 

Event Management 

The lifestyle in India in the past decade has improved a lot. People have become more open, friendly, and have risen celebrating more. People look for an opportunity to attend the parties. Directly from festival celebrations to new year parties to concerts to informal parties, there is a lot that Event Managers can do. People who are party buffs, like to be between the crowd and have a few management abilities can pull this profession off. It would be best if you had a few contacts. Event Management companies serve as a bridge between celebrities and organizers of the event. They make a lot of money. This is a never-ending business and also has a more important range as we step into the next ages.