July 20, 2024

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Shockwave workout

We Tried This: 'Shockwave' Rowing Workout | TIME.com

     DH Kiefer, a fitness industry specialist, has developed the SHOCKWAVE PROTOCOL, a gym-based regimen for increasing size and strength. Shockwave’s cutting-edge methods are backed by nearly two decades of study and collaboration with the world’s best exercise scientists. 

  ShockWave uses the WaterRower GX rowing machine to provide bursts of high-intensity intervals, while its functional strength stations sculpt the legs, core, and arms.

  Rowing as a cardiovascular exercise has the advantage of being low impact and working almost any big muscle group.

  This one-of-a-kind workout is created in such a way that it fosters a sense of community and transparency that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

What is ShockWave 

     The ShockWave circuit aims to row a certain distance as quickly as possible on the rowing machine, then work as hard as you can at each of the strength stations until everyone else has completed the set distance on the rower. 

  It’s vital for people preparing for long-distance activities like marathons and triathlons because it aids muscle recovery and prevents overuse injuries. It also ensures that you maintain optimum fitness in your entire body, not just your legs for athletes or your arms for heavy lifters.

  Order of the workout   

     Starting with your legs, engaging your chest, and then finishing with your arms is the proper order for each stroke. After you’ve completed the stroke, reverse the order by reaching first with your arms, moving your body weight forward, and finally returning to your original position with your knees bent. 

Distribution of power

     Rowing engages the whole body, but it’s essential to keep track of which muscle groups are being used the most and which are being used the least. 60% of your strength can come from your legs, 20% from your core, and 20% from your sides. As a result of this distribution, more effective strokes and overall shape are achieved.

Timing the workout

     Last but not least, the timing part ensures that the strokes are all the same length. The general rule is to push yourself for one count (legs, core, arms) and then relax for two counts (arms, core, legs).

Benefits for the participant

     ShockWave’s innovative nature makes it ideal for members of all fitness levels, even though it’s best suited to members who enjoy total-body, high-intensity workouts that combine cardio and strength in a highly energetic and inspired team-oriented format.

   It provides a highly effective aerobic workout for a short time by bringing out the competitive spirit. ShockWave aims to make participants fitter and healthier than a typical half-hour workout if they can commit to only thirty minutes per day.


     Shock wave exercise is a relatively new workout program in comparison to other routines and systems. As a result, few people are aware of it or are familiar with how it operates. This fantastic exercise program will help you develop strength and cardio while also exposing your mind and body to a variety of different movement patterns.

  Keep in mind that this is a high-intensity, high-energy workout that is not for the faint of heart.