December 2, 2022

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Matter Of Life And Death: What To Do When A Product You Own Is Recalled

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People often tend to brush aside announcements or notices regarding product recalls, especially when they do not have any of those products that are the subject of any recall at all.

However, personal injury attorneys Virginia Beach strongly emphasizes the awareness and sense of urgency that should be exercised by every citizen when this happens since it is a crucial move that could be a matter of life or death for a neighbor, friend, or even a loved one.

It’s not surprising to find out that most people do not generally care what kind of products are found in other people’s homes, especially when those products are common and everyday items that can be found in everyone else’s. But what exactly is a product recall, and how would it affect the lives of consumers? Let’s find out.

What is a product recall?

Product recalls are initiated by manufacturers when defects on a certain product have been detected or found. It could either be through defects from production, transport, or even effects when the product is used.

According to a personal injury attorney Virginia Beach VA, a product recall is an act by the manufacturer, brand, or product owner to recall all products whether those have already been sold, in stock, or still on the shelves awaiting purchase.

This is done to possibly stave off the effects, damage, or injuries that may be caused by using the product, which can sometimes be dangerous, especially with children.

For instance, in 1998, a portable crib manufacturer had to order for the recall of a portable crib model after it was responsible for the deaths of several infants. It became one of the most controversial consumer product scandals that rocked the baby products industry and called for stricter legislation regarding laws to ensure the safety and protection of using products made for children.

What to do when there is a product recall?

Personal injury attorneys Virginia Beach insist that when a product recall is initiated, the public should take heed and immediately spread the word to those who may have difficulty with access to news, information, and communication.

There have been instances when product recalls were made, and due to failure of the system to ensure making the public aware of the action, it had to cause more accidents, injuries, or deaths, before the notice came to the attention of those who were affected.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is pushing for more public awareness regarding product recalls indicating that being actively aware and responding to product recalls can actually save lives.

When a recall is initiated, the CPSC issues a press release and distributes it to the major news outfits and publishing it on the CPSC website.

The CPSC also advised the public to sign up for email alerts from the CPSC website in order to receive updates and alerts regarding product recalls and more, to ensure the safety of the consumers and the general public.