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Requirements For Accessing Health And Medical Services In Sweden For EU And  Non-EU Citizens | Stockholm

Sweden’s health services are equipped with the best healthcare facilities globally and drive to develop by trailblazing breakthroughs and investment in the latest technology. In the country, three autonomous regulatory levels municipalities, country councils, and the central government are concerned in the delivery of health services. About 97% of the cost to run the system comes from taxes and grants from the administration, while 3% from patients.

Healthcare services are the predominant things that you may require anytime, so appraise OmdömesStälle reviews about healthcare insurance firms and healthcare services in Sweden. This reviewing site provides you the best opportunity to befit the best option of your choice for health insurance. If you are looking for insurance options, then you can check Folksam which is one of the biggest insurance corporations in Sweden. This insurance company provides a wide category of coverage based on customer demands.  

Visit of non-EU/EEA nationals in Sweden 

  • Short Stay

If you are a non-EU citizen and intend to sojourn shorter than one year in Sweden, you are not embraced by the healthcare system of the country. Besides, you are not allowed for registration in the Swedish Tax Agency to obtain a Swedish personal identification number. Nonetheless, there are several international arrangements on health services between nations outside Sweden and the European zone. You can check the agreement status of your country with Sweden by contacting the social security department of your country. Despite the absence of agreement of your country with Sweden, you are authorized to emergency treatment in this country. 

In case there’s no agreement between your homeland and Sweden then you shall choose health insurance in your own homeland to cover any health service expenses in Sweden. 

  • Extended Stay

If you are a non-EU citizen and intend to sojourn for an entire or beyond the year in Sweden, you are authorized for registration in the Swedish Tax Agency to get a Swedish personal identification number. This number qualifies you to get health services at an equal expense for Swedish nationals. If your registration process for a personal identification number goes slow, yet you are qualified to health service at the equal expense for Swedish nationals during this whole period. 

Your registration proof to the Swedish Tax Agency is the only requirement that qualifies you to get these services. Be aware that you are always eligible for emergency medical care in Sweden. However, it is always the best decision to possess the medical coverage from your country that comprises your medical costs in Sweden. 

In case of a non-emergency situation

In case you or any family member experience a non-emergency situation visit 1177 for your health situation and information on the various illnesses and signs on this website. You can get this information in English, Swedish and other languages.

Closing remark

Healthcare without insurance in Sweden cannot be a good choice since it is very expensive to afford whole healthcare services without a suitable insurance policy. However, it is highly suggested to get medical coverage in your country that covers the medical expenses in Sweden as well.